Oddbods Oddlife

Oddbods Oddlife

Oddbods: With interactive games all throughout the day, kids and families learn how to make daily tasks fun and a little more odd! Join Slick in the morning as he helps kids brush their teeth, get Bubbles to teach them to wash their hands (20 seconds long for health guidelines), learn to calm down with Fuse, and play the yawning game to fall asleep with Zee!

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Safety is our number one priority

Weyo is committed to the highest levels of data and privacy safety. All of our apps are COPPA compliant, so you can rest assured whilst your kids enjoy safe and secure screen time.

Local storage

We don’t track or store ANY images, videos, scans, or faces. We can’t see them, save them, distribute or share them. Only you can do that.

Local processing

This app uses your camera for the masks and dress-up play. All images seen through the camera in this app or saved while playing inside stay right on your phone.

Screen time you can feel good about

Weyo creates open and active play experiences which spark joy in your child’s imagination.

Ad Free experiences

Weyo provides a safe and secure environment for kids without interruption to their play.

Trusted brands

Weyo works with trusted brands that you know and love.

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More crazy fun on the Oddbods website.

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Frequently asked questions

Hopefully we will answer everything you need here, please click below if you need more help.

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1 What is Weyo?

Weyo is the creator of the technology that makes all the magic happen! Weyo makes fun, interactive games for kids. You can feel safe knowing we always put children’s safety first.

2 I have no sound!

Weyo uses the phone’s volume controls, so your silent switch is probably enabled. Here’s a little video to help you resolve the issue: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wdfq-gWlfWM

3 How do I get in contact with you?

Please email us at [email protected] and we will get back to you. We would love to hear from you 🙂

4 The app is recording video, who can see this?

We take privacy and security very seriously. Weyo does not store any of your videos. Weyo does not have any servers. All of the videos you create are stored locally on your personal device. No one can see your videos unless you specifically share them from your camera roll.

5 I have an Android phone!

We will be releasing all of our apps for Android very soon. Please sign up to our mailing list or follow us on socials and we will let you know when it’s available to download.

6 Why are your apps not free?

We believe in giving children the best possible experience and do not have any advertising inside the app. In order for us to continue to make fresh new content and update the app regularly, we have chosen instead to charge a small fee for more content in the app.
We are always looking at new ways to make our apps the best possible experience for kids.
Please contact us at [email protected] if you have any ideas on how we can make our apps more fun.

7 Do you run third-party ads in your apps?

No, never. We believe in making our apps an advertisement-free zone to allow the children to enjoy the app without being distracted by ads.

8 What is your refund policy?

Our content lives in the App store so all refunds are processed by Apple. Visit their Support Page to claim a refund – https://support.apple.com/

9 I have an older device. Will my device work?

We use the latest technology to make our apps and we are working hard to include as many devices as possible. Please sign up to our mailing list or follow us on socials and we will keep you updated when new models are available.

10 I want to work with you! How do I apply?

Thanks for your interest! We are always looking for great people, please email [email protected]

11 My question has not been answered.

Please email us your question and we will get straight back to you. [email protected]

If you have any further questions, please get in touch here.